Lg "Tree of Life"™ Menorah - S/P with Gold-tone Cups

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The large Tree of Life features museum quality design! This classic Menorah is treasured in countless homes and collections around the world, a true heirloom. Its highly polished silver plate finish & gold tone cups are a visual delight.

Dimensions & Details

Zinc Alloy
2.00 lb
10.75" l x 4.00" w x 8.75" h
12.00" l x 10.00" w x 5.10" h
Gift Boxed
2.71 lb
3.75 lb

Facts & Features

  • Precision Die-Cast - Highly Polished Silverplate -Cups are Gold Plated. Sandra Kravitz Original Design

Care & Contents

  • To clean wax from menorah:
  • Pour hot water directly on the wax to loosen.
  • Caution! Keep hands away from hot water!
  • Do not soak menorah in water.
  • To avoid damaging the menorah, do not try to remove wax by any other method.
  • Always place menorah on a non-flammable surface
  • Secure the candles in menorah before lighting
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended

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