Chanukah Stick-A-Stud Craft

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Add some creative Chanukah décor to your party or activity, totally mess-free with this adorable craft! Kids will love applying gem stickers to the Chanukah themed poster by matching the colors on the board. Easy "no-mess" play if appreciated by adults and makes it easy for kids of ages to create a piece of art they will surely be proud of.

Dimensions & Details

10.00" l x 7.50" w x 0.10" h
Full Header over Poly-Bag

Facts & Features

  • Add some Creative Chanukah decor to your Party or Activity, Totally Mess-Free with this Adorable Craft! Kids will love Applying Gem Stickers to the Chanukah Themed Poster by Matching the Colors on the Board.

Care & Contents

  • includes 1 poster and stud stickers

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